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M A D E R A provides a curated collection of finished hardwood and reclaimed wood floors and wall surfaces for the architecture and design community. We rely on the highest quality manufacturing and finishing techniques while drawing from the organic minimalism of Scandinavian design. Our goal is to highlight the natural perfection of wood in every project.


Design Showroom

Our Design Showroom located across from the Navy Yard in Brooklyn is now open to the public. Walk-in Hours are 11am to 7pm Monday to Thursday, Friday from 10am to 6pm. Please call us at 718 484 7260 or email us at info@madera-trade.com for additional availability.


Black Walnut | Solid or Engineered | Lot No. 004

European Oak | Engineered | Lot No. 003

Pennsylvania White Oak | Solid or Engineered | Lot No. 002

Reruns (Reclaimed)
Lot No. 001

Work + Inspiration


January 2017

Opening Jan 10th 7-10PM at Cooler Gallery
Featuring a performance by Oh Golly

Triboluminescence is the creation of light through the breaking of bonds. There’s pulling, ripping, scratching, crushing, abrasion - and finally, radiance. When a diamond is cut it fluoresces blue or red, not unlike how a person could be described. He is feeling blue, or she is red with anger. In people, in objects, solid states are disrupted. These rips are the the road to a blinding denouement.

This friction is what I capture in intricately thin silhouettes - bodies and scenery made of light. The men have suffered, and will suffer. The women are conniving and manipulative, naturally. Their tears are phony and their heels are high. I am bringing to light, literally, their wicked ways. 

Kate Hush appeared in New York City via train in 2010, has been interested in wicked women since birth, and has been working with neon lighting since 2013. She is a quiet woman, and needs you to know nothing more.
Oh Golly is a band making selfish songs for the higher social conscious. Members Max Branigan, James Gentile, and Jenny Scales make music somewhere between punk, kindergarten, noise, and self-help. Take a listen here.
Kate Hush

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