Sweetgreen Williamsburg

Sweetgreen | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sweetgreen recently opened their fourth NYC location on N. 4th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Madera collaborated with SweetgreenLeong Leong Architects and Preininger Construction Corp. to supply Reclaimed White Oak and charred Northern White Cedar for this beautiful space.

Our Reclaimed White Oak is incorporated as a ceiling lattice and gives the space an open feel while leading you towards the service counter. The Northern White Cedar has been charred with the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban.  This method protects and preserves the wood by fire while giving it an aged look. Our Charred Cedar has been installed in a large panel over the open kitchen. 

Designer: Leong Leong
Photographer: Nicole Franzen
Product: Reclaimed White Oak and Northern White Cedar | Reruns