Our approach to sustainability is simple and transparent. We practice a forest-to-floors approach and work with architects and clients to create a direct link to the source of the wood. In our opinion this is the best way to guarantee that wood is coming from a sustainable and legal source. All of our hardwood and reclaimed wood floors are made with materials from sustainable sources. We only use low or no VOC glues, colors and coats to minimize harm to human health and the environment. We also design and manufacture our products in New York and Pennsylvania to support local economic development and job creation. Madera is proudly FSC Certified.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Our forest-to-floors approach is modeled after the farm-to-table movement of the food industry. We believe that creating a direct link between the architect and client to the source of the wood is the best way to guarantee that the wood is coming from a sustainable and legal source. We work directly with sustainably run mills to source materials for our products to ensure that we know where the wood is coming from and how it is being processed. This approach allows us to select the right materials and have control of the wood as it gets manufactured into flooring and architectural finishes. We never work through third party brokers or dealers. 


Sustainable Materials 

We only work with materials from sustainable sources. Our reclaimed wood products are the most sustainable option and automatically meet FSC, LEED and Living Building Challenge criteria for sustainability. These materials are recycled from old buildings in New York and along the East coast or recovered from rivers and ports. Our new harvest wood products come from FSC certified or sustainably managed plantations in New York, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Our tropical hardwoods come from sustainably managed plantations or are recovered from downed trees in hurricane damaged forests in Nicaragua. We have a direct relationship with all of our suppliers, visit their plantations regularly and know exactly where the wood comes from.


Low VOC Glues and Finishes

We use low or no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) glues on our engineered flooring products and finishes on our collection of pre-finished floors. VOCs are human made or naturally occurring organic chemicals that evaporate from liquid or solid form at room temperature. Some VOCs such as formaldehyde can be toxic for humans and harm the environment. By working with low or no VOC glues and finishes we minimize these risks and comply with green building and product standards such as LEED and Green Guard. 


Manufactured Locally

We design all of our hardwood and reclaimed wood floors in our Brooklyn studio and manufacture them locally in New York and Pennsylvania. We also do our best to source materials from within a 300 mile radius of New York City when possible to keep our products truly local and to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation. By producing our products in New York and Pennsylvania we are supporting local economic development and job creation. This approach helps to keep the value associated with growing and manufacturing our products in the communities in which we live.