Trees are the oldest living organisms on Earth and are essential to all life. There are currently over 80,000 species of trees around the world. Madera's collections currently showcase four different species found in North America and Europe. Our passion for wood extends to each part of the tree.

A tree's roots provide anchorage and obtain water and minerals from the soil, which feed branches and leaves through the trunk. Around sixty percent of the total mass of a tree is its trunk. The trunk supports the branches, which in turn support its leaves. Heart wood, composed of dead cells, can be found at the center of the trunk, while sap wood makes up the outer layer that transports water and minerals. A tree's bark is a waterproof skin that protects the inner cells, and is perforated with tiny pores to bring oxygen to living cells beneath. Leaves, containing chlorophyll, absorb light energy from the sun and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Oxygen is then released back into the atmosphere for all living organisms to use. Seeds are found within nuts, fruits, and berries to support the next generation of growth. Every single cell contributes to producing our unique and varied surfaces, bringing character, warmth, and life to your home.

BLACK WALNUT | RUST | Solid Or Engineered | Lot No. 004

EUROPEAN OAK | STOCKHOLM + SAREK | Engineered | Lot No. 003

PENNSYLVANIA WHITE OAK | BROOKLYN | Solid Or Engineered | Lot No. 002

AMERICAN ASH | COLORS | Solid or Engineered