Madera offers a full service solution that includes material delivery, any logistics that may be necessary to properly delivery floors to the job site, site inspection prior to delivery, installation, site finishing when applicable, floor protection and hand over. This service is recommended in particular for our Titan floors which deserves the utmost care and skill in order to deliver a finished product that best express these extraordinary floors that they are.

Madera provides an on call supervisor who visits the job site prior to delivery of material, at the midpoint of installation and prior to hand over. The supervisor works with your installer or contractor to ensure that your Madera floors are handled with care, installed correctly, protected properly and handed over to the client in the best condition possible. 

With the purchase of a Madera floor you will receive unmatched customer service from our team of experts from start to finish. Our team is committed to ensuring that your new floors are exactly what you wanted and that the service you experience will exceed your expectations.