Regn /rain/

Regn | Rustic Grade

Regn | Prime Grade | Nantucket Beach House

Engineered European Oak

Regn means rain and in Sweden and there is lots of it! This light grey finish reminds us of looking out of foggy windows waiting for the sun to finally break though. There is depth to this finish that a simple stain does not provide. By using a combination of dyes and stains we are able to create a natural grey that enhances the woods natural beauty rather than hiding it. This finish has the feel of a light water color painting.

Regn, available on Engineered European Center Cut Oak, is available in thicknesses of 5/8" and 3/4" and widths up to 12". The Stockholm Collection comes standard in mixed lengths of 2-10', and up to 16' custom! Select from Rustic, Prime and Mixed Grades. More specification information available below.