July 2019
Love seeing our Flatlands floor featured in this SPACE OF THE WEEK article in NY Magazine: The Cut.
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May/June 2019

Proud and excited to have our LA Showroom featured in Luxe Magazine’s May/June 2019 issue. Check out page 102 for our shoutout!
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March 5, 2019

White Walnut is featured in this Crown Heights Brooklyn Brownstone, not too far away from our own Brooklyn Showroom. Thanks Dwell!
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February 2019

Thanks again to dezeen for this lovely article about our LA Showroom. We are proud to be sharing our space with HEM.
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810 Mateo St.

January 2019

LA Showroom Opening

Peconic House

December 2018

We were honored to work with Caleb Mulvena and his team at Mapos on the wood flooring and decking of the Peconic House where wood’s natural beauty is on full display. Congratulations on being selected as Dezeen top 10 architectural projects of 2018.
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October 2018

“Selecting flooring for our home was without a doubt one of the most terrifying decisions I’ve ever made.”@brittanymakes 

MADERA makes selecting flooring fun and easy! It was a pleasure working with Brittany. Learn more about her beautiful floor and renovation in this her lovely write up.
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September 2018

Group Exhibition
Opening September 6th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

In partnership with the Brooklyn Clay Tour

We envisioned a show wherein the selected group of artists would each create one piece … an Urn. Urns often have a base, a chamber, a thinned neck, and a cover - but the name refers more to function than form. Urns have been dated back to about 7000 BC and been used to house human ashes, possessions of the deceased, or used in burial rituals.

Each piece would be an extension of the artist’s own body of work and be arranged throughout Cooler Gallery.  Gallery patrons will encounter the works lining the walls of the room - evoking a burial chamber.

The opening will also be the launch party for the Brooklyn Clay Tour and include a panel talk.


August 2018

Thanks dezeen for this lovely article about the Peconic Bay House. This beautiful Hamptons retreat features a grassy roof that blends with the slope overlooking Peconic Bay and our wide plank wood floors + decking.
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July 2018

Surface Tension
Opening July 31th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

In partnership with Uprise Art

Surface Tension' features Senem Oezdogan’s recent works on paper and canvas, where her flat shapes are both referential and entirely removed from their environment, offering an idiomatic reality where presence and absence slide past one another effortlessly. 

Fluorescent Fragments
Opening July 10th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

For ‘Fluorescent Fragments’, Devra Freelander will present a series of wall-mounted and sculptural resin fragments all derived from a larger pre-existing sculpture. The fragments are all sourced from Fluorescent Sunrise, a 7x14 foot epoxy resin semicircle that the artist created and installed on-site at Socrates Sculpture Park in 2017. 

All are invited to kick off summer with us on Tuesday, June 26th from 6-10pm at our Brooklyn Showroom! Daniel Vander Noon will be having his closing show at the Cooler Gallery, and we'll be celebrating summer with live music by Absolutely Yours,
Nathan's hot dogs and refreshments!


June 2018

Honored to share these articles about 4 Times Square, where we collaborated with Studios Architecture on the design of the floors, ceilings and walls that are featured in this 260 - seat cafeteria, which acts as the centerpiece of 45,600 square-feet of amenity space in this landmark building.

> New York Times 
> The Architects Newspaper
> Architectural Digest

May 22, 2018

Thank you to The Bridge for this awesome article that talks about reclaimed materials and where we source our wood. 
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Please join us Thursday, May 22nd from 5-11p
The night will kick off at 5pm with an exclusive showcase of our Bone White Collection
and Reform´s recently launched kitchen, Degree by Cecilie Manz
Enjoy an evening of drinks, design talks, + dancing! 
We look forward to seeing you!


April 2018

Opening April 3rd, 7p at Cooler Gallery

Origins is the first exploration into where Fuzzy Dudes come from: A dystopian and space-like futuristic world full of fur and translucent mountaintops with little to no gravity. This mixed media offering is John's commitment to not relaxing into a particular style but rather creating one body of work that can coexist under a common theme. The world of Fuzzy Dude is eclectic and inviting. The rest is left up to the viewer to decide. 

March 2018

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Taylor on his Beach House Renovation in Bellport, New York. Sand, our European Oak floor was the perfect choice; the natural tones are consistent and beautifully varied. Thank you for the wonderful write up Bright Bazaar.
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February 2018


Thanks to Brownstoner for this lovely article which features our reclaimed flooring in a newly renovated brownstone in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.
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Opening February 13th, 7p at Cooler Gallery


Historically a chapel is a non-religious place of worship and contemplation; a small, non-conforming annex to common and prevalent modes of spiritual practice. The Chiaozza Chapel, installed within Cooler Gallery, is an intimate sanctuary celebrating color, light, and form. Five painted wooden wall works fill the 6- by 7-foot gallery. The formal compositions reference natural and metaphysical concepts such as horizons, atmosphere, time, landscape, and ritual. Repetitive motifs such as grids, diagonals, and arcs augment the visual vibration of the room.

January 2018

Skin in the Game

Opening January 9th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

Meg Atkinson's work explores figure/ground relationships by juxtaposing Ad Reinhardt-like "disinterested" abstraction with text and/or organic forms. The elation she feels when she finishes a painting is like no other. It has to do with the fact that while she is identifying for each painting its essential visual problem she is also at the same time solving it. This duality explains why she experiences so much failure. In addition to growing a visual language (influenced by comics, medieval painting, and hard-edged abstraction), she also seeks the combustion that happens when intellect and imagination are combined.

December 2017

We are honored to share that our Indigo Ash is a 2017 Best of the Year Finalist by Interior Design Magazine in the Flooring: Hard category. Thank you to all who support us!


December 2017

We’re thrilled to partner with Bare Opera in a dynamic collaboration like no other. The Design Showroom has been brought to life in such an exciting way. It will be something spectacular to behold. Opening night is Dec. 1st and you can purchase your tickets via Bare Opera. All are welcome after the show for the reception, we hope you can join us in some Holiday cheer!


December 2017


Opening December 5th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

Arne Svenson

Arne Svenson’s Unspeaking Likeness is a photographic series of forensic facial reconstruction sculptures. These sculptures are commissioned by various law enforcement agencies and used for the purposes of establishing the identity of victims of suspected violent crime whose soft tissue facial features have been obliterated by either trauma or the passage of time. Svenson traveled throughout the USA and Mexico photographing these objects, treating them as live beings of whom he was taking a portrait. The point of focus was the eyes; the rest of the face was allowed to fall out of focus so as to better speak to the anonymity of the victim and the malleability of their existence.

November 2017

New Work by Siobhán Gallagher and John F. Malta

Opening November 8th, 7p at Cooler Gallery

Cooler Gallery presents Truth or Dare new paintings, drawings, and oversized woodcuts by the New York City based partners Siobhán Gallagher & John F. Malta. John and Siobhán's work often deals with observational humor, analyzing femininity/masculinity, and personal confessions.

October 26th | Bare Opera's 3rd Annual Gala Event

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting Bare Opera's 3rd annual gala event to celebrate the current season of exciting, unconventional and immersive opera. We will also be the venue for thier upcoming December 2017 Italian opera FIGARO / FIGARO - this Halloween inspired event encourages you lose yourself in the magic of the evening. Get creative with your attire, drink wine from Roark Wine Company, sip liquor from Catskill Distilling Company, snack on passed Italian appetizers, dance and mingle to the stylings of DJ Xela, and - of course - experience a quintessential Bare Opera performance. A silent auction will begin at 7pm and close at 10:30pm. So come out for the opera party of the year and help Bare Opera continue to bring opera to the people!



October 19, 2017

Introducing the Color Collection hardwood floors by Madera

Turn an ordinary space into a showstopper with new colored hardwood floors

New York, Brooklyn-born hardwood flooring company Madera is introducing a new collection of high-quality, handmade wood floors in a series of unique colors. The collection is rolling out this fall, with a variety of vibrant, beautiful colors: Indigo, a lustrous deep blue, Ochre, a warm golden hue, Green, a calm lucid turquoise, and Vermillion Red, a dramatic scarlet, along with black and white.
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October 16, 2017

Indigo flooring, Madera
Washed with plant-based indigo dye, these wide planks of American ash are transformed into flooring reminiscent of a midnight sky. A waterborne polyurethane is applied to each piece to ensure its color is kept intact—and to add an iridescent shimmer.
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October 16, 2017

Brooklyn-based hardwood flooring company Madera applies three coats of plant-based dyes to wide planks of American Ash to achieve a rich indigo finish that lets the natural grain show through. Part of a larger collection that includes golden ochre, turquoise green and vermillion red, the series introduces an unusual but striking option for flooring. A waterborne polyurethane seal adds a lustrous shimmering finish.  
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Fall 2017 Happy Hours


October 2017

Opening October 3rd 7p at Cooler Gallery

Life is a beautiful mess, chaotic and lovely. I am fascinated by moments of unexpected beauty—tangled wires winding through the landscape; the choreography of proteins underneath a microscope. My drawings reference all of this haphazard elegance, both within ourselves and the larger world.

My work is also simply a meditation on the evocative quality of line, an investigation now over a decade in the making. I am interested in how much information and emotion can be communicated, devoid of color or representation. I have a single parameter: one line, followed continuously until the composition is complete. 

I work slowly and methodically, building tiny narratives as the line winds its way across the page. Each loop is scrutinized while I work to understand the larger picture I am creating. The push and pull of darkness and light, emptiness and fecundity vacillates, constantly presenting new problems to be solved. 

I have long-winded treatises on sociologic and philosophical principles the underlay this work but the truth is, I don’t believe this is important. I would like the viewer to have their own discoveries, unfettered by grandiose explanations that may or may not be evident. Instead, I want to make bold assertions with a single chord that evoke ideas that I could never imagine.


September 2017

Opening September 2nd 6:00p at Cooler Gallery

The ceramic arts have always had a deep reference to history, required a mastery of craft, and referenced the human body. With this in mind, we envisioned a show wherein the selected group of artists would each create one piece … roughly the size of a human head. Each piece would be an extension of the artist’s own body of work and be arranged throughout Cooler Gallery on elevated platforms at eye level. The pieces are not meant to necessarily be literal “human” busts (unless that is in line with the artist’s work), however, the artists interpret this through new or existing past works. Gallery patrons will encounter the works spread throughout the event space and be able to approach each piece in a way where the alignment to one’s eye may evoke an alternate way of engaging with ceramics, with a nod to the historical significance of Ancient Roman Bust Statues. The show is co-curated by ceramicists Julianne Ahn, Josephine Heilpern and Cooler Gallery’s Michael Yarinsky.


August 2017

Milk Curd and Cherry Bits
Opening August 8th 7p at Cooler Gallery

Naomi Clark paints her surroundings though an abstracted filter.  Clark does this using bold coloration, fragmented forms and gestural brushstrokes. Color is central to her work. These elements provide energy and creativity to the viewer.  Her work becomes a resting place for the mind, free from judgment, where the viewer returns to the excitement felt in childhood, where creativity reigns and ideas begin.


Drawn Lots
Opening August 2nd 6:30-8:30p at Cooler Gallery

Uprise Art is proud to present Drawn Lots, a two-person exhibition featuring works by printmaker Evan Bellantone and sculptor Fitzhugh Karol. Core to both artist’s practice is a nuanced approach to drawing, with its focus on line over color, modeling, and form. Bellantone’s and Karol’s works occupy a space of visual rhyme, repeating and recombining their choice elements without the pretense of conclusion. For both artists, these themes are ongoing and open to radical revision.

July 2017

New Works on Paper
Opening July 7th 7-10p at Cooler Gallery

New Works on Paper features a group of paintings on paper depicting individual elements of a single anonymous flowering plant that the artist came across when spending an afternoon in love on the streets of Paris late last summer. A departure from previous bodies of work, Tarver focuses here on a single reference point, introducing a sensually human palette of pinks, reds, browns, and yellows. Intimate in scale and gesture, New Works on Paper displays Tarver’s continued experimentation with the studied possibilities of painting – exploring the boundaries between representation and abstraction, rigor and restraint, immersion and closure.


June 2017

Beyond 0
A structure for Hope and Survival

Opening June 6th 7-10p at Cooler Gallery

We are living in precarious times where human greed and ignorance threaten the very existence of life on Earth. It is our moment as humans to reflect on ourselves and confront a destination once thought as fiction that is now our probable future. The sixth extinction is in progress but our potential to problem solve is remarkable. Our actions and policies in the next generation will determine the fate of the species for hundreds and thousands of years to come. 

The Structure for Hope and Survival is a framework of organizing artifacts, tools, supplies, seeds, plants and provisions. The abridged collection of how-to’s, catalogs, and books to inspire and build courage and the skills to lead a life of resilience on Earth. The installation is a multi-dimensional nano-structure utilizing steel pipe tubing, scaffolding connectors for simple installation and adapt to variations.

May 2017

22 Waverly Celebration

Opening May 2nd 7-10p at Cooler Gallery

For NYCxDESIGN, we have challenged a group of talented designers to push their practice into the realm of fine art. In Odd Experiments, these designers will show highly crafted pieces that have a much weaker grasp on the functional elements that make their design "design".

Aelfie, Ben Erickson, Paul Gisbrecht, Pat Kim, Brit Kleinman, Dan Michalik, Chad Phillips, Michael Yarinsky

In partnership with MaderaReform and NYCxDESIGN
Graphic design by Gizem Karatas

April 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we won! Our Bone White American Ash is the jury and popular choice winner in the 2017 Architizer A+Awards for product design in the Hard Surface Flooring Category. We are also honored that the Cooler Gallery was chosen as a finalist in the Cultural-Gallery Category, congratulations to Michael Yarinsky! In addition our Showroom, 22 Waverly earned us a special mention in the Showrooms Category.

> 2017 A+Awards Recipients

Opening April 4th 7-10p at Cooler Gallery

Please join us for Camilla Engström's opening April 4th at Cooler Gallery! The artist’s practice normally centers itself around a cartoon figure named Husa, Swedish for “housemaid”. The gender-morphing, plump character was created to function not only as an extension of the artist, but also an alter ego and a representation of one’s psychological state. Previous depictions of Husa have shown her nude, unashamed, mischievous, and self-indulgent.


March 2017

Mine Yours Ours Hers
Opening March 7th 7-10p at Cooler Gallery

Please join us for Alex Proba's opening March 7th at Cooler Gallery! Mine Yours Ours Hers is the manifestation of a daily project started by artist Alex Proba in 2013.  In her project A Poster A Day, Alex has opened up her platform and accepted invocations from people around the world — from issues of love, loss, happiness, and more — which she visually interpreted/responded to every day. At the time of the show opening, this call and response has been going on for nearly four years and is now nearing its conclusion. 1460 questions, 1460 posters.


February 2017

Thank you Vice for coming out and covering the FLASH ME show at Cooler Gallery, where 23 artists created artwork for this tattoo flash show. Thanks Michael Yarinksy for curating another great one. We hope everyone is enjoying their new ink!

If you missed the show, check it out here. 


February 9, 2017

Thanks to Design Milk for this lovely article which features our Brooklyn design showroom. Collaborating with various artists and designers, such as Michael Yarinsky and Reform is what we love to do.  
Read the full article here.


Opening Feb 4th 7-10PM at Cooler Gallery

Tattoo flash is a traditional art form displayed in tattoo shops throughout the world. Flash shows shop customers a curated selection of pre-designed art for them to draw inspiration or quickly pick a piece to ink.

The prompt challenged a wide range of visual artists to extend concepts from their bodies of work into the medium of flash - and in doing so challenge the form. The collected work will be exhibited in Cooler Gallery and tattoo artists will be present to give these tattoos to willing participants at the opening.

Live tattooing of the flash by tattoo artists Sara Antoinette Martin, Gabriel Pantoja, and Brooklyn Tattoo. Curated by Michael Yarinsky, hosted by Madera, show flyer by John F Malta.

January 2017

Opening Jan 10th 7-10PM at Cooler Gallery
Featuring a performance by Oh Golly

Triboluminescence is the creation of light through the breaking of bonds. There’s pulling, ripping, scratching, crushing, abrasion - and finally, radiance. When a diamond is cut it fluoresces blue or red, not unlike how a person could be described. He is feeling blue, or she is red with anger. In people, in objects, solid states are disrupted. These rips are the the road to a blinding denouement.

This friction is what I capture in intricately thin silhouettes - bodies and scenery made of light. The men have suffered, and will suffer. The women are conniving and manipulative, naturally. Their tears are phony and their heels are high. I am bringing to light, literally, their wicked ways. 

Kate Hush appeared in New York City via train in 2010, has been interested in wicked women since birth, and has been working with neon lighting since 2013. She is a quiet woman, and needs you to know nothing more.

Oh Golly is a band making selfish songs for the higher social conscious. Members Max Branigan, James Gentile, and Jenny Scales make music somewhere between punk, kindergarten, noise, and self-help. Take a listen here.


December 2016

Heather McKenna
but it did, and you saw it.  
December 11th, 2016 - January 3rd, 2017
Opening December 11th 2-5pm at Cooler

A shadow is always second, in reference to, always pointing.
The light changes. A different shape, a different form.  It’s moving, not still.
So what pushed you to place that there? Who said where to look?
No one meant for that_______to cast a shadow, but it did, and you saw it,  and it formed an image like this. 

November 2016

NYCSCL. Uniting the creatives of New York one drink at a time.

Meeting monthly on one Tuesday, NYCSCL is super casual and all about various NYC creatives meeting. It is hosted by Chad Phillips, Joe Doucet, Kiel Mead, Nora Wolf, and Julia Haney Montanez. Everyone is welcome. No need to R.S.V.P.

Please join NYCSCL for a special evening in collaboration with the Cooler Gallery on Tuesday, November 22nd from 7-10pm. (With cheap drinks!)

Cooler is an art gallery within a repurposed industrial icebox outside the Brooklyn Navy Yard — the physical border of large art, design, and manufacturing communities. Cooler Gallery seeks to be a breeding ground for thought at the crossing of fine art, design and manufacturing. The gallery is curated by architect and designer Michael Yarinsky and hosted by us.


October 2016

We are pleased to invite you to the opening reception and gallery launch of Cooler Gallery on November 1st from 7-10pm. Join us for a beverage, view art by Anthony Cudahy and get a sneak peak of our new showroom! 

The gallery is curated by architect and designer Michael Yarinsky and hosted by us at our new showroom in Brooklyn. 

Cooler Gallery is an art gallery within a repurposed industrial icebox outside the Brooklyn Navy Yard — the physical border of large art, design, and manufacturing communities. The curation aims to reflect the essence of this intersection. Cooler Gallery seeks to be a breeding ground for thought at the crossing of fine art, design and manufacturing.

Thank you Art in Brooklyn for the shout-out.

August 2016

We were honored to work with Caleb Mulvena and his team at Studio Mapos on the wood flooring and decking of this custom spec house where wood’s natural beauty is on full display. Through Studio Mapos’ disciplined design and the quality craftsmanship of Gentry Construction, our wide-plank oak floors have a truly inspiring canvas from which to shine. More about Peconic Bay House.

June 2016

Thanks to SWEETEN for this lovely article which features our Flatlands flooring in Deniz and Ramon's newly renovated home in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
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Flatlands flooring featured from our Brooklyn Collection.

Flatlands flooring featured from our Brooklyn Collection.