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Mushroom Wood 

Our Mushroom Wood is reclaimed from commercial mushroom planting beds in Pennsylvania. This unique wood is created when acid and water in the soil erodes the softer parts of the wood, leaving a weathered and textured appearance. Typically Hemlock or Cypress are used because of their natural resistance to rot and insects. Mushroom Wood is ideal for siding or interior wall cladding and does not need to be treated with oils or finishes. Our Shou Sugi Ban Mushroom Wood has been lightly charred and brushed to give it a unique appearance. Lead time on orders is 6 weeks. Contact Us if you have questions about custom widths, thicknesses, lengths and finishes. 

5" Solid Cladding / SKU MT405S

  • 3/4" thick
  • 6 to 14 foot lengths
  • Square edge