Because we are a team of experts from the design, construction and manufacturing industries who have focused our expertise and passion on the design and manufacturing of the highest quality wood floors and surfaces in the world.
We are dedicated to offering beautiful, quality products that are designed for you from sustainable and fair sources.

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From the best European and Domestic mills to the most skilled finishers in the United States, we have worked with our partners
to develop a curated collection of the highest quality wood floors and surfaces on the market.
We don't have the largest selections of floors; we have the best selection of floors.
See for yourself. (LINK?)

Bone Walnut


Our floors are pre-finished but always made to order; custom made to meet your design needs and finished to match the look and feel you are after. Whether you specify from one of our collections or work with our talented custom-made department, a Madera floor is made specifically for your project, never pulled from inventory.

150 Wooster


We work with certified mills and only use certified lumber in the production of our floors. We take pains to test our product to meet the strictest European and American health and safety standards and work with Mills who pay fair wages and treat their employees as valuable members of our family. 

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