Madera was founded with a with a bold objective: to offer high quality, beautiful and sustainable wood products for architecture and design at unbeatable prices, while having a positive impact on the environment and our local economy. 

The idea for Madera started taking shape in 2011 as we stood in a cathedral-like forest of giant bamboo in Ecuador, talking to members of a farmer’s cooperative that produces bamboo-building materials. We had traveled to Ecuador in our search for materials that could be used to produce sustainable flooring and architectural finishes.

While many companies claim to offer sustainable wood products for the building industry, we felt that their approaches to sustainability were lacking and their high prices forced most clients to go with less expensive and sustainable options. We launched Madera in 2012 to offer an alternative. 

We believe that all architects and clients should be able to buy high quality and competitively priced sustainable wood products for their projects. By practicing a forest-to-floors approach and creating a direct link between clients and the source of the wood, carefully sourcing materials from sustainable sources, designing our products in-house in our Brooklyn studio and manufacturing them locally in New York, we offer this alternative. 

High quality, sustainable, locally made, and competitively priced!

It's that simple.