Great Jones Street Loft

Great Jones Street | New York, nY

This wide open, second story loft on Great Jones Street designed by Wettling Architects in Manhattan strikes a perfect balance of modern and rustic. Madera collaborated with Wettling Architects to supply and install re-milled, 80-year-old Reclaimed New York Boardwalk Cumaru Flooring in the three bathrooms as an alternative to tile; laid down lightly-sanded, Reclaimed Weathered Hemlock Flooring throughout the wide open kitchen, hallway and bedrooms; and placed original Hemlock beams to clad several structural columns throughout the loft. The floors look like they have been there since the building was built in the late 19th century.

Designer: Wettling Architects
Product: Custom Finished Weathered Hemlock, NYC Boardwalk, and original Hemlock beams | Reruns