Natural Materials

Wood is a natural material that varies in color, grain pattern and over-all appearance and texture. While Madera's samples and the product images on the Madera's website are intended to represent a wide spectrum of a materials and meant to display various characteristics, they do not show all variations.  This is particularly true for reclaimed wood and natural surface material that has been affected by natural elements and human activity. If a client is concerned about the condition of a particular product please contact Madera to verify its appropriate use and finish before purchase.


Madera guarantees that each product meets the standards and characteristics outlined in specific product descriptions. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the material meets these standards before installation. Installation of the product acknowledges its acceptance. Maintenance and storage is the responsibility of the contractor or client unless otherwise noted in a signed contract agreement between Madera and the purchasing party.


All prices either as indicated on the Madera website or a quote prepared by Madera are guaranteed and valid for 30 days. An estimate prepared by Madera is not guaranteed and is meant to give a client an estimated cost for product and services.


Unless otherwise noted 65% (sixty-five percent) of the total invoice amount must be paid when the order is placed. This is because all orders are custom milled.  This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if you decide to cancel your order for any reason. The balance of the invoice must be paid in full with funds that have cleared at least 7 (seven) days prior to shipment.


The client is responsible for payment of all taxes, city and state, unless they provide Madera with a valid tax exemption ID.

Shipment and Risk of Loss

Madera can arrange to have your order shipped by common carrier to a specified address. Freight charges will be included in the invoice for you to pay. Risk of loss and title transfers from Madera to the client upon delivery of the goods to the carrier for shipment. However, we will process on your behalf any claims against the carrier if your order is damaged or lost during shipment.

Delivery Schedule and Storage Fee

Madera will make all reasonable efforts to schedule shipment of your order on or before the date shown on your invoice (if applicable). If you postpone the original shipment date by more than 21 (twenty-one) days, and your order has been completed, you will be charged a storage fee of $100 USD per day. Delivery dates are estimates and Madera will not be responsible for shipment delays caused by the carrier, your inability to accept the goods on the delivery date or other causes beyond our control (force majeure). Should you not accept delivery on the date agreed upon with the shipping company, you will be subject to all applicable redelivery charges, storage fees and charges incurred for the cancelled delivery.


The client must inspect the products at the time of delivery and notify the carrier immediately of any damage, which should be noted on the bill of lading. Otherwise, the shipment will be deemed accepted by you.

Site Conditions and Installations

The client is responsible for ensuring proper site and storage conditions to avoid damage to any Madera products and for proper installation. Madera expressly disclaims any responsibility for problems due to improper site and storage conditions or improper installation.

Installation by Madera Trade Certified Installers

Madera suggests that a client use our network of certified installers to install any Madera product. In this case the installed material will be covered under the limited warranty of the Madera certified installer. The details, conditions and limitations of this limited warranty will be made available by the Madera Certified Installer upon the client’s request. This warranty only covers the installation of the Madera product and does not act as a warranty for the material itself. It is the responsibility of the client to inspect all material before installation. As noted above, installation of the product acknowledges its acceptance. 

Installation by Client

If a Madera Certified Installer is not the contracted installer, we do not accept responsibility for the installation or guarantee the condition or quality of the installed product. Madera always recommends that a licensed contractor or certified installer handle installation.