Dimma /dee'ma/

Sweden is the land of water. Surrounded by ocean, carved up by rivers and dotted with countless lakes, ponds, bogs and marshes. A brisk early morning swim is tradition in these parts and there’s nothing more invigorating when the fog, or Dimma, hovers thick on the perfectly calm surface.


  • Engineered
  • 7" and 9" widths in stock (custom widths available)
  • 5/8 or 3/4 thick (4mm or 6mm wear layer)
  • 2-10' Lengths (custom lengths available)
  • Light rustic and prime grade
  • T&G, end matched and micro beveled (square edge available)
  • Polyurethane finish only
  • Variation: Minimal
  • Custom distressing available (ie. wire brush, hand scrape, circle sawn, contour sand)
  • Patterns available (ie. herringbone, chevron, parquet)
  • Certified FSC + SFI Available
  • Made in Europe