Hardwood floors must be cleaned and maintained with care and consideration. Keeping your floors clean and clear of dirt and grime will help keep your floors looking beautiful and last a lifetime. The most important consideration is water. Never use a wet mop when cleaning your floors. Swiffers and damp cloths are the only cleaning methods that should be used. See below for Madera's recommended downloadable maintenance guides.

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Madera floors can last a lifetime if they are well maintained and protected. A few simple steps can lead to long-lasting and beautiful floors without much maintenance.

  • Place walk-off mats at all entrances to help collect dirt and debris.
  • Install felt floor protectors underneath all furniture.
  • Do not allow people to wear spiked heels on the floor, which will damage even the hardest wood floors.
  • Pet claws should be properly trimmed at all times.
  • Work boots and shoes that may have pebbles lodged in the soles should be removed prior to entering.
  •  Sweep or vacuum frequently.
  • Clean floors using Swiffers and non-abrasive and caustic products (i.e. Bona/WOCA Cleaner or similar)
  • Never wet mop or use saturated rags to clean your new floors. Water can seriously damage the wood and finish.
  • All mats or rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis. They should also be moved occasionally to allow natural color changes caused by light to occur evenly in all areas.

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UV Polyurethane Floor Maintenance
Oil Floor Maintenance for Low Traffic Areas
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