Madera’s commitment to designers and architects has always been to offer a well curated simplified collection of finished hardwood floors. This is not easy given the vast amount off finishing techniques, colors, textures and species of wood available to us.
It has been a practice of restraint and selection that has lead us to the material we present. More tweaking than adding, more stripping away than compounding. Below is a brief description of our seven collections and the intent behind each one of them.


Brooklyn starts with domestic Pennsylvania white oak in two classic American cuts, live-sawn and quarter-sawn and is offered in both select and character grades. These were our very first floors and have stood the test of time. Simple, natural oil and polyurethane finishes bring out the best in this hard and versatile species.


With a tip of the hat to our Swedish up-bringing, Stockholm is our first collection on a European oak and the light,
natural finishes we use offers a bright Scandinavian pallet to our collections.


A deep dive into the amazing properties of fuming (called smoking in Europe). European oak is treated with ammonia vapors in an enclosed and pressurized chamber which turns the wood dark brown and creates a whole new pallet from which to work.
Grand texture, luscious colors and natural earth tones is the theme here.


Black walnut is an American classic and with Rust we set out to offer five natural variations on this dynamic species
with a series of desaturation techniques and finished with natural oils.


Our latest exploration into the world of white.
Each of our five species stripped down to its basic grain and texture and finished in a marble like satin finish.